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Actionable market insights that navigate your business into a better strategic decisions during the rapid growth of Indonesia’s e-Commerce channel.


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Gain Insights and Create a Data-Driven Strategy

Enable you to identify your business performance in the e-commerce share by providing every data related to your online sales activity.

Deep dive into the market and set your target accurately.

Helping you to establish the top position in the market by showing how big is your share compared to the market.

See who wins the competition and which product sells exceedingly. Is it yours?


Be a Top Selling Brand

Learn which brand in your category is leading the ecommerce market share by tracking the highest sale and transaction with our dashboard


See Even the Tiniest Sales Opportunity

Improve your strategy by monitoring which product has the biggest amount of sales across ecommerce and who’s winning the competition


And the Media Loves us Too!

Want to grow your online business with data-driven insights? Reach us now!


Comprehensive price and analytics system

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