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Compas is here to help you navigate in the fast growing Indonesian e-commerce channel. How big your online market share really is? How big is the category? What are my competitors doing? We have the answers.

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Hi, meet Compas

Compas is an e-commerce market insights dashboard for brand or product owner, developed by the same team of people that created telunjuk.com, one of leading price comparison website in Indonesia. We provide market insights data from top marketplace and e-commerce in Indonesia : Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee and JD.id. We provide you with actionable insights to help you grow your online sales and win in the digital shelf.

Online Market Share Data

Daily data of sales and transaction for your product and other product in your category. We collect data from Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee and JD.id.

Price Monitoring

Daily data of price dynamics across any marketplace or e-commerce channel consists of your product only, or your product versus your competitors product.

Placement Health Check

Maintain your brand image by making sure all of your product listing across e-commerce channels complies with your brand guidelines and standards.

Promo Monitoring

Be the first to know whenever your competitors are having promotions across e-commerce channels. Or you can also simply use this tools to gain insights about what kind of promotion works for your product category.

Compas Features : Market Insights

Uncover hidden opportunities with Market Insights feature

Market insights feature will provide you with daily data of everything related to your online sales activity, from number of visits to product page, number of transaction, and also number of sales. It also provides you with deeper insights on how’s the dynamics in your category or product niche, are your competitors doing well? Are you getting the biggest chunk in online market share?

Here are some of useful insights you can generate from market insights feature:

  • Online market share within your product category
  • Online sales performance across e-commerce channels
  • Top selling product and SKU
  • Online sales performance of your competitors
  • and much more...
Compas Features : Market Insights
Compas Features : Price Monitoring

Pricing Dynamics Across E-commerce Channels in One Window

Always be the first to know pricing trend across e-commerce channels. Compas Price Monitoring feature provides you with daily data of lowest price of product listed in e-commerce channel. It also provides you with direct link to directly check product details of data presented on Compas dashboard.

Here are some ideas on how you can make use of our price monitoring feature:

  • Monitor your competitor's pricing strategy
  • Monitor price range of your products across e-commerce channel
  • Identify possible fake products when being sold far below market price
  • Maintain your product being sold at reasonable price range
  • and many more...
Compas Features : Price Monitoring
Compas Features : Promo Monitoring

Promo Monitoring

Promotion is one of the key ingredients to your successful e-commerce campaign.

Here are some of insights you can generate from our promo monitoring tools

  • Types of promotion works for my product category?
  • How is price range for promotion that generates most sales?
  • Types of promotion being done by my competitors
  • and much more...
Compas Features : Promo Monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about our product or need further explanation about some of the features? Here we provide some answers for you

How often is data being updated on Compas dashboard?

Our default setting for data update is daily every morning at 7 am. But if you have any concern regarding data update you can always discuss with us. Sometimes for client from a very dynamic category product would require data update up to 3 times a day.

Can I download data on Compas dashboard into workable formats like xls or csv?

Yes, we provide “Download to CSV” options on every data sets we provided on Compas dashboard. This way you can easily edit, add or modify based on your needs.

How is the pricing structure if I am interested in using Compas dashboard?

Our plan starts from IDR 10 mio per month depends on the feature you want to have on your dashboard. There are several packages consists of single feature only or all-in-one suites. Kindly reach out to our team for further discussion.

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