The Journey So Far


Compas is developed by the team that brought, a technology company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We focus on e-commerce business intelligence tools that provide actionable insights to empower you to make strategic decisions for your greater online business.

Compas is developed because we care about your online business development that needs more improvement through data validation. You will be given the market insights from the data that has been collected in our system. We receive multiple insights which were provided by our sophisticated crawler engine, ensuring that we provide you with strong and reliable data, because data will lead your online business into high credibility. We also help you in comparing the performance of your online business and other competitors. Here we are to support you to be on top of the competition.

Where It All Began

In 2012, we built Telunjuk which became the leading price comparison website in Indonesia. Our sophisticated crawler engine enables us to gather multiple sources of information from multiple data sources and create strong data foundations that serve multiple purposes. We have been establishing a strong data foundation with an agile mindset to keep improving our volume, variety, velocity, and veracity without ignoring our main purpose which is to deliver value to our customers.


Entering the eight years of the company in the fast-growing ecommerce landscape in Indonesia, we discovered that there is a need for business intelligence tools to help online businesses to make a strong e-commerce strategy. 

Through the data and insights that we provide, we are dedicated to giving you the very best effort to identify the size of the potential market which could support the growth of your company. This is the role that we are intended to fill in, because data is an essential part of your market insights. Currently, 4 different modules are being developed to serve online businesses of different e-commerce maturity levels. Indeed, we currently have 12 clients of both local and global brands and are reaching out to more.


From the Mind of our Own

Hanindia Narendrata (CEO & Co-Founder)

Hanindia Narendrata R the co-founder and CEO, along with Effendi Susanto the CTO of both share the same principle towards facilitating people to make better decisions in life. Both graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology, with noticeable work experience in the industry.

After establishing, both are committed to give more impact for the commerce ecosystem by making Compas as a data insight for better online business decision making.


Our Culture

Compas Team

We aspire to instill this enthusiasm for each and everyone that is involved in Indonesia’s Ecommerce ecosystem. Our expertise in consuming, collecting, analyzing, and gaining insight from data is an important element of our lead in the market.

As working with high intention, we conduct our communication value in terms of building good relationships with others.

We Keep Up with These 4 (four) Principles

Always Insightful

We provide contents that are guaranteed to have added value which are arranged from valid data.

Always Up-to-date

We provide content on Compas channels that are always up to date.

Always Friendly

Know that experience when you are talking to a smart and insightful friend? We aim to be just like that to you.

Always Helpful

To assist your business by providing a compelling insight based on data.

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