#1 E-commerce Market Insight for FMCG Brands in Indonesia

Indonesia’s booming e-commerce industry demands that online businesses be smart in facing competitive market competition. As a business intelligence tool, Compas presents Market Insight, which can be a solution for developing sales strategies so that your business grows and contributes to the development of the FMCG industry in Indonesia.


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Get All Compas Benefits

Get All Compas Benefits

Get insights on your business, competitors, and market conditions. Gain a lot of advantages, such as:

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Use Real data, No Sampling Data

Analyze your market with 100% real data, transparent & no sampling. Real data provides a more accurate and detailed picture of the market

Fleksibel Sesuai Kebutuhanmu

Flexible For Your Needs

Mapping, product segmentation, customazible visual we can provide. More effective and complete with the Compas market insight dashboard

Bebas Akses Insight 24/7 

24/7 Access to Insight

Access market insight anytime and anywhere with the best service

Report Gratis, Senilai 50 Juta

Get Free Report, Worth 50 Million

Get a market report published to the website for free worth 50 million rupiah with our market insight dashboard *t&c apply

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Expand Your Online Business Using the Most Recent Market Data from Compas

Work with us

Expand Your Online Business Using the Most Recent Market Data from Compas

Compas hadir dari tim yang sama yang mengembangkan Telunjuk.com, sebuah perusahaan teknologi di Jakarta, Indonesia. Compas berfokus pada business intelligence tools, contohnya Market Insight pasar e-commerce, dan memberikan solusi aktif untuk membawa bisnis Anda semakin berkembang dengan strategi bisnis yang tepat.


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